Student Minds Australia – Student Mental Health

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There is a growing understanding that students are under an extraordinary degree of stress and pressure whilst studying at university, resulting in unusually high levels of mental illness and psychological distress.

Student Minds Australia is a student-led mental health initiative set for launch in universities across Australia in July 2012. It sets out to improve levels of psychological wellbeing amongst the student population and combat existing threats to mental health, such that students can make the most of the rich learning and growth opportunities that university offers.

“Residency at the Vibewire Hub has been of great value for me and the projects I’m working on. It’s a fantastic environment – mainly thanks to the great people who use the space every week. Having a base in the city has been fantastic, as it’s made it much easier to have meetings with the many others who base themselves out of the CBD. I’m very appreciative of Vibewire giving me the opportunity to be a resident!”

Nathaniel Smith, Student Minds Australia Founder/Director