Bloodless – A streetwear label that gives rebels a cause

  • Co-working

Bloodless clothing  is a socially-conscious fashion label founded by Christine Inkley and Nishan David to fundraise and spark important conversations among youth. Each month a new clothing item is designed and made in Australia with funds going directly to a change-maker in a third world country. The non-for-profit organisation aims to start a fashion revolt where youth are engaged in social justice issues.

“Australians are coming to realise that a lot of modern-day fashion is built on modern-day slavery. We almost want to achieve what fair trade coffee has been achieving in the past decade, around fashion.” – Nishan David

the Bloodless founders raised the necessary funds to kick start their initiative through a successful campaign on the popular crowd-funding site Pozible and will continue releasing custom designed tee’s until March 2014.

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