11 Eleven Project – World Compassion through Film

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On November 11, 2011 (*read* 11/11/11); the 11 Eleven Project team asked people all over this planet of ours to go out and capture a part of their day using film, photography, music, sound and text. The team ended up receiving submissions from 179 countries,

The 11Eleven Project is a not-for-profit initiative. Profits that were made from the sales of 11 Eleven Project products were split equally between our six chosen charities:

  • Save the Children
  • WWF
  • Opportunity International
  • Global Voices
  • The Hunger Project

As well as the charitable aims, the 11 Eleven Project had a social element to their quest. The team wanted to plant a seed of compassion in the world and allow people all over the planet to gain a perspective of this crazy rock that we all live on.

Are people from different parts of the world really that different? Different cultures may have different traditions, but we’re pretty sure a teacher in Madagascar is trying to achieve the same as a teacher in the USA, or a Muslim father wants the same for his children as a Jewish father! We want this to be used as a time capsule for people to look back on and see how the world was in 2011. 

11 Eleven Project team

Check out the 11 Eleven Project’s website here.